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Health center

Located in the heart of Montmagny, the Centre de Santé de l'Oiselière invites you to experience complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Specializing in massage therapy and aesthetic treatments, our center, nestled in our magnificent atrium, envelops you in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Here, not only will you benefit from personalized treatments, but you'll also have all-day access to our aquatic area, which includes the heated pool, a soothing spa and an invigorating sauna. To ensure your optimum comfort, chairs, tables and armchairs are at your disposal, inviting you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility and well-being.

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, looking for a relaxing break or a revitalizing experience, you'll have the opportunity to reconnect with nature in an exceptional setting. Discover the quintessence of relaxation at Montmagny, where every treatment offered is an invitation to a sensory journey and serenity, making our center the destination of choice for relaxation and well-being.

Patricia Bourgault joins our team at Centre de Santé!

Immersed in the world of well-being since 2018, Patricia Bourgault embodies the passion and expertise of massage therapy. With a wealth of experience in customer service, it was during her stint as a beneficiary attendant that Patricia discovered the power of touch in providing relief and relaxation. Inspired by this revelation, she embarked on ongoing training in massage therapy to deepen her knowledge and skills in the field. Proudly a graduate of L'Attitude Centre de Massothérapie, Patricia refines her knowledge and renews her certifications every year: Amma massage, Californian massage, body balancing, foot care, tragger points, and much more!

With her positive, calm and empathetic personality, Patricia is determined to create a unique, innovative and personalized massage experience. She also offers a chair massage service, a must for conferences and events at l'Oiselière. Outside of work, Patricia finds harmony in meditation and yoga, reflecting her love of holistic well-being. Just as she savors every sip of her guilty pleasure, cappuccinos, she incorporates a particular attention to detail and gentleness into her treatments. It's not surprising to experience a moment of serenity with her.

Treat yourself to a unique massage experience, where professionalism, passion and attention to detail come together to offer you a moment of incomparable well-being.
Remember to book your treatments in advance, as availability is limited!

  • Massotherapy
  • Hygiene and foot care
  • Chair massage

PS: Access to the atrium is included with all treatments! Don't forget to bring your swimsuit to enjoy the heated indoor pool, spa and sauna..

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Meet Élyse, our new partner at Centre de Santé!

Passionate about human well-being, Élyse offers a whole new range of esthetic services: manicure, pedicure, facials, waxing, electrolysis and more!

Having recently completed her professional training at the Centre de formation Rimouski-Neigette, Élyse has mastered the most advanced techniques on the market. In addition to offering top-of-the-range services and quality products, such as Shelac and Esthederm, she offers a unique approach, because for Élyse, well-being goes far beyond skincare. Her meticulous attention to detail, her ability to listen, her creativity and her professionalism all come together to create a moment of complete relaxation.

With such qualities, it's not surprising to learn that our esthetician prefers red wine to all cocktails; friendly, relaxing and apt to develop a sense of detail, wine gives her wisdom and delicacy. And that's not all! Élyse is also passionate about music, and is even a DJ in her spare time; no doubt the relaxing atmosphere will be enhanced by a carefully selected playlist.

We look forward to sharing her exceptional skills with you and welcoming you to the Centre de Santé for an unforgettable aesthetic experience.

NB: Access to the atrium is included with all treatments! Don't forget to bring your swimsuit to enjoy the indoor pool.

Our Massage Therapist: France Thibault

Since 2009, France has been expanding her expertise with a wide range of massage techniques, including:

- Acupunct-massage
- Reflexology
- Sports massage
- Massages for women and babies ... and many more.

She is committed to giving her best to those seeking specific and therapeutic care. France is deeply attentive to the needs of her clients. With her personalized approach, she not only provides tailored treatments but also shares valuable therapeutic advice.

Aware of the stresses of our current times, she offers a sanctuary of relaxation: a moment and an environment ideally suited for rediscovering balance and inner well-being.

Chez Mademoiselle l'Oiselle: A relaxation package to share

Whether it's a mother-daughter day, a girls' night out, celebrating a special event or simply sharing a warm moment with friends, Mademoiselle l'Oiselle welcomes you to her private salon, complete with treatments and treats.

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Soothing lighting atmosphere

The Health Center makes every visit a new, memorable and relaxing experience. The spa location highlights an impregnable view on the L'Oiselière Hotel interior garden. The appeasing background music, singing birds and sunlight penetrating the area stimulate tranquility and peacefulness. Combined with our unparalleled service which prioritises your well-being, your experience here shall be most memorable.


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