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Year-round summer fun

Enjoy its indoor swimming pool located in a large tropical atrium, where there is also a jacuzzi and a sauna. Very comfortable rooms with private balcony, a generous and tasty table, a health center where time stands still.

Rain or shine, just 45 minutes from Quebec, this is your new sunny destination!

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Our rooms

Our hotel offers a variety of rooms to meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for a luxurious suite, a spacious family room or an affordable option, we have the perfect choice for you.


Our packages

Discover our many exclusive packages to make your stay even more memorable. Spa, dining, entertainment and more options are available to complement your night at the hotel.


Our stations

L'Oiselière now offers 5 double electric charging stations: 2x level 3 stations (meaning 4 fast charges) and 3x level 2 stations (meaning 6 guns for full charging overnight). Discover all our eco-responsible actions by visiting the dedicated section on our website.